Today, I traveled up to the fourth floor to Solarville and found something new! Lauren, a interpreter here, was sitting at a table with a bunch of crocheted bags, doilies, potholders and blankets. When I came closer I discovered that all of these trinkets were made from plastic bags you get at the grocery store! Lauren explained how easy it is to transform a plastic bag into a “ball of yarn” by folding the bag up into a long strip and then cutting into even smaller strips. With these smaller strips, you can loop them together and wind them into a big ball, which can later be used as your “yarn” for any project! What a perfect way to do something useful with those plastic bags.

This post was written by our very own Katy Grant. A Marketing Intern here at Arizona Science Center. A rising Junior at Elon University in North Carolina, and couldn’t be enjoying life at the Center more!
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