I went and poked around in the construction zone, trying my best to avoid flying hammers and making sure not to trip over any stray wood lying around. Our new exhibition, MathAlive! is being built as we speak! The flashing lights and intriguing structures of a rock wall and a tornado of musical instruments made me so excited and energized for the grand opening on July 8th. This exhibition will focus on all of the ways we see and use math everyday! Even from walking through the half completed exhibition, I was shocked to see that we use math in almost every single thing we do without even knowing it. And when I say almost EVERY single thing, I mean it.

I stopped James Menzes, one of the staff in charge of maintaining the exhibitions, and asked him a few questions. The first thing I wanted to know was what MathAlive! was going to bring to the Science Center that other exhibitions haven’t yet. He answered with, “As a subject, Math isn’t always everyone’s favorite; people don’t seem to especially like it. But, because it’s everywhere, why not make it fun?” I couldn’t agree with his comment more. Math class was never something I found myself counting down the minutes for, with this exhibition, you see, touch, ride and experience how math surrounds everything in our lives…From movies to video games, fashion to snowboarding, math is at the core of everything we build, dream and explore.

This post was written by our very own Katy Grant. A Marketing Intern here at Arizona Science Center. A rising Junior at Elon University in North Carolina, and couldn’t be enjoying life at the Center more!

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