1. The crates have arrived and the unpacking has begun!

Photo Jan 16, 4 34 57 PM

2. A crate arrives that weighs 744 lbs. What could possibly be inside?

Photo Jan 16, 4 36 28 PM

3. There is a giant transformer wrapped in plastic wrap. We don’t think it will hold him for long.

Photo Jan 16, 4 30 53 PM


4. Arizona Science Center staff casually move around a giant shark jaw. Those teeth don’t look that sharp!


Photo Jan 23, 11 57 50 AM

5. Justin Bieber makes an appearance in a portrait made entirely of candy. We didn’t think he could get much sweeter.

Photo Jan 23, 11 58 13 AM

6. A fully functioning mini-car is driven to to the lobby of Arizona Science Center. This car would make parking downtown so much easier!

Photo Jan 29, 12 07 45 PM


“The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!®” opens Feb. 10. Don’t miss out on all of the unbelievable!







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