Did you know that designing your workplace to better suit your left or right brain-ness influences your work and productivity? Although we all use both halves of our brains, your left brain and right brain control different types of thinking. So, whether you are right-brain or left-brain dominant, your ideal workplace environments are influenced by your dominate-thinking side.

Right-brain dominant people typically have a more creative knack with a visual personality. A right-brained person should create a visually stimulating work environment and implement colorful and visual tools such as patterned folders, binders and filers. The visual tools will help motivate the right-brained person to keep papers organized since they typically tend to create piles due to a fear of out-of-sight out-of-mind.

A left-brain dominant person is more productive when their environment is organized and well ordered. Left-brained individuals should create a filing system that implements numbered or lettered index systems so that each task has a logical place.

To appease both right and left-brain dominant people, a system of using colored files is the best solution as the colors create the visual environment that right-brain dominant workers thrive in while also creating a sense of logical organization that left-brained individuals need.

Find out if you are right or left-brain dominant by clicking here.

What do you do at work to help increase your focus, creativity and productivity?

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