On the afternoon of May 7th, the lobby of Arizona Science Center was alive with the excited buzz of nearly 200 elementary school students and their teachers. Look to one side of the lobby and you would see a group of 5th graders with their brows furrowed in intense concentration as they attempted to build a bridge out of dominoes.

A glance over to another area would reveal a group of 3rd  graders whose expressions alternated between absolute disgust and wide-eyed wonder as they watched a cow eyeball dissection. A glimpse over to another part of the lobby would show a precocious group of 2nd graders testing car design aerodynamics with toy cars and a fan.

Everywhere you looked there were groups of young students – and yes, often chaperones and teachers as well – engaging in some kind of hand-on, STEM-centered activity. This event, aptly titled “All Hands on STEM”, was hosted at Arizona Science Center as a part of NBC News’ Education Nation tour. It was an incredibly rousing success for all involved. Through this event, Arizona Science Center was able to live out its mission to inspire, entertain, and educate people of all ages about science!

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