Art360, a new program that kicked off in August 2013, has grown into a popular event at Arizona Science Center during each month’s Adults’ Night Out. Jason Smith, the featured Art360 artist for February shares his experience below in our Q&A.

Q: How did it feel to have your art featured on the dome of the Planetarium?
A: It felt great to have my art showcased in the Dorrance Planetarium. I initially did not know what to expect; but, I was shocked, to see how well my work fit on the dome of the planetarium. The Planetarium offers a really immersive experience. The large, almost super-real nature of the dome, combined with the music, really brings the viewer into the work. It allows the viewer to engage with the work in a new and exciting format. You have to see and hear in person to really appreciate what the Planetarium can offer.

Q: How were we able to make your art come to life?
A: Mike and Liz are the wizards at work in the Dorrance Planetarium. We had numerous conversations about the work. I provided direction for the music. Mike and Liz did a fantastic job integrating all the work that I provided. I really gave them free reign as this format was so unfamiliar to me. I think they did a fantastic job at interpreting the work.

Q: How did you think animating your art influenced the way that people experienced it?
A: I think animating the work makes it more approachable from a conceptual standpoint. The animations clue the viewer into what the art is trying to convey visually. Animating the work, I feel, makes it more engaging.

Q: How did your Art360 experience differ from what you were expecting?
A: Everything exceeded my expectations! Everyone at the Science Center did a great job at making the show a total success. All the crowds were enthusiastic and there was a great energy and vibe that one gets from a successful exhibition of artwork. I really appreciate the hard work of everyone that made this show a great success!

Don’t miss out on the next Art360 event, March 7!

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