There are so many wonderful people who work at here at Arizona Science Center that I’ve been lucky enough to meet, and I wanted you to meet them too! This is Stephanie, the first person I see every day when I walk into the Center. She has been here with us for 3 years and has a very important job. She mans, (or woman’s in this case) the information desk. When you have a question about anything at all, Stephanie is your girl. She’s in-the-know for everything happening here, and the best thing is, she’ll inform you with a smile! When I asked Stephanie what her favorite part of working here was, she said it was the guests. This exactly, is the reason I love it here at the Center so much. Everyone is focused on and loves the guests, which makes for a really great experience!

This post was written by our very own Katy Grant. A Marketing Intern here at Arizona Science Center. A rising Junior at Elon University in North Carolina, and couldn’t be enjoying life at the Center more!

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