I found myself counting down the minutes until 10:15 a.m. when the Lava Lab Demo (sponsored by DMB Associates, Inc.) started this morning. The large group of kids surrounding me felt the same way, as they too were squirming in their seats. Right on time, Nick came up on stage and jumped right in and asked us what we knew about all of the earth layers. I felt a little inadequate when all the children around me were shouting out answers to questions like, “What is cooled lava called?” and “How deep is the Earth’s crust” with ease, while I was stuck wondering the answer!

Nick then asked the crowd what they thought the volcanoes in the demonstration were made with and once again, the clearly well-educated group of kids shouted, “Vinegar and Baking Soda…DUH!” Nick thought he could trick these guys…yeah right! He then decided he needed to step up his game, so he asked two volunteers from the audience to come up to help him create the second volcano. This one was made of peroxide, yeast and soap, and it simulated a slow rising volcanic explosion. It oozed out of the top, resembling a red berry smoothie. Very cool! I’m looking forward to spending more time watching demos all of the different demonstrations we have many times a day!

This post was written by our very own Katy Grant. A Marketing Intern here at Arizona Science Center. A rising Junior at Elon University in North Carolina, and couldn’t be enjoying life at the Center more!

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