How many of you stayed up to watch the spectacular blood moon and lunar eclipse?

Last night, Earth’s shadow blocked out the Sun’s light casting a red tinted veil over the moon. This was the first lunar eclipse of 2014 and is the kick-off to a tetrad which consists of four consecutive lunar eclipses that will happen over the next 18 months!

As you watched or look through the pictures today, you may be asking why it’s called a “blood moon.” The term “blood moon” was inspired by the reddish color of the moon as it reflected the sunsets and sunrises happening around the world. While the moon was shadowed from the sun, some of the sun’s light was able to shine through Earth’s atmosphere and because red light is better able to penetrate the atmosphere, it created a red hue.

And although tetrads are rare, they aren’t a sign for despair. While there were no tetrads between 1600 and 1990, there will be about 9 sets of tetrads during the 21st century. You might call it a new trend!

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