Have you ever stopped to wonder about the connection between nature and art? Since as early as the 1980s, artist Hubert Duprat has been utilizing caddisfly larvae in his unique field of jewelry making. Thousands of different species comprise the group of moth-like insects commonly referred to as the “Caddisfly.” Although caddisflies resemble moths, they never have a proboscis- the coiled, siphoning mouth part moths and butterflies use to extract fluids such as nectar from flowers. While caddisflies are in their larval stage, they forage for small debris such as rocks and shells in order to create a protective outer casing that they can live safely in as they grow. Some, such as Duprat, have allowed for the natural creation of ornate jewelry by placing jewels, pearls, and gold flakes within reach of caddisfly larvae. The larvae gather these materials just as they would any other debris, which they then fuse together using excreted silk. Once the caddisfly has grown, it is safely removed and allowed to mature into an adult. Check out some of the beautiful works of art these lovely little bugs have created!

Bug Art_2

Bug Art_1







Images via bambuatu.com

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