Comet ISON continues to keep observers in the dark as to just how bright it will shine during its home stretch to the Sun. Observations show the comet is cruising about 3.3 times dimmer than previously forecast. As the comet makes its final approach toward the sun skimming it within 730,000 miles, scientists remain uncertain if it will stay dim or pump up its power to achieve greatness. Studies show over the past month ISON’s gas
production has increased like it should, but the dust production rate has not. What does this mean? Scientists aren’t really sure. As they watch something strange going on they wait in anticipation of what might happen. Since comets are extremely unpredictable, ISON could start out as a “dud” and impress us with activity as it nears the sun, or it could begin bright only to fizzle into oblivion under solar pressure.

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