There is a large gender disparity in the STEM field. To help combat this gender inequality, Brown University is hosting a Wikipedia “Edit-a-Thon” to add and enhance entries about female figures in science and technology.

Studies have shown that girls who know of women role models in STEM fields are more likely to take STEM courses in school. In order to make female representation in STEM more visible, volunteers will create new pages on Wikipedia (one of the most popular reference sites on the web) and edit existing pages to ensure the correct information is available. Because anyone is able to provide information to Wikipedia, women are sometimes not recognized properly and information may be incorrect due to writers being unaware of contributions they may have made in STEM.

Hopefully, Brown University’s “Edit-a-Thon” will shed light on the major role that women have played in science and technology and encourage more females to consider careers in STEM.

More main stream efforts are also taking place to encourage females in STEM including Marvel and Natalie Portman (from Thor) recently announcing a STEM contest exclusive for teen girls interested in the field.

We can’t wait to see the effect these efforts will make for the future of STEM.

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