The Art360 series, part of Adults’ Night Out, continues on February 7 with artist Jason Smith. See our interview with him below.

Q: How would you describe your art?
A: I take a childlike approach to my artwork. I use color and various imagery to interact with the viewer subliminally, creating free associations.

Q: Where does your greatest inspiration come from?
A: My greatest inspiration comes from nature. I try to use natural elements in my work, combining these with personal “human” elements from myself. I am also heavily influenced by mid-century modern art and architecture; its simplified minimalist approach appeals to me on a basic level.

Q: What is your favorite piece and why?
A: My favorite piece is “Interaction.” I tried to express the sheer joy that I feel from the simple beauty and the spiritual feeling of profoundness I receive from observing nature and being in it.

Q: Do you think that science influences your work at all? If so, how?
A: I do feel science has a significant impact. I think curiosity is the impetus for someone to initially explore the world through science. I am constantly drawn into the working theoretical knowledge and exploration of things; this informs my work and expands it. To me, art is a sort of mirror to the active world around us, conveying many of the concepts and things that underlie it, both consciously and unconsciously.

Q: Do you think that science will continue to influence your work in the future and in what ways?
A: I think science will continually inform my artwork and working process. I am constantly exploring how man interacts and perceives the environment around him; this directly impacts my artwork and the themes expressed within it. I have always been curious as to how things are composed and how they function and interact in relation to the world around us.

Q: How do you think that having your art displayed on such a large surface like the Dorrance Planetarium dome will influence your work and the viewer’s perception of your work?
A: I think the Planetarium will offer a new environment for my artwork. I feel this will alter how people view and perceive my work. People will approach my work via the many concepts expressed at the science center. I also feel the Planetarium will immerse the viewer within the work, helping to create, many new conceptual connections and associations, verses a traditional presentation.

Visit Arizona Science Center, February 7 to meet Jason Smith and explore his work in a unique and immersive experience as it comes to life on the dome of the Dorrance Planetarium!

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