Tickets are on sale NOW for Beckett’s Table “Feed Your Dreams” Exhibition Dinner taking place at Arizona Science Center next Monday, Aug. 20! For over a month, a contest has been taking place searching for the next big idea in food and science. Chef Justin Beckett and his team have been sorting through almost three dozen entries looking for the perfect combination between culinary passion and science expertise. Quite the combination, huh? It excites us too. They have narrowed it down to 6 extraordinary ideas that will continue to the final round of the first annual Feed Your Dreams competition.

The Exhibition Dinner will take place at Arizona Science Center on Aug. 20, 2012 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $145 per person and includes five courses with wine pairings and reception. You will get to eat 5 courses of Beckett’s “brain food” and see the 6 big ideas and then be able to vote to feed the dreams of the winner! Check out the finalists and their submitted concepts here.

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