Even today, in an age of science and technology, humans are still superstitious, but why?

Superstition can be found throughout the world and all different cultures; it holds an immense amount of power over the thought of the entire human race. Superstitions can range from a “lucky” sock to the ancient use of talismans to ward off vindictive stares, popularly known as “the evil eye.”

Researchers report that there is little scientific evidence of a link between superstitions and behavioral disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder which might come to mind in the superstitious behavior of someone who devotedly knocks on wood.

Although there is no proven scientific answer for superstition, scientists have found that humans are not the only superstitious living beings. Animals have been conditioned to believe that a certain behavior could result in a favorable outcome even though that behavior didn’t actually effect the outcome and it would have happened with or without the conditioned behavior.

What do you think, why are we so superstitious?

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