According to Professor Tamas Vicsek and Professor William Barklow, hippos have you beat!

Hippos bellow sound that is carried from hippo to hippo, similar to the wave that sports fans do in a stadium. However, a hippo’s bellow can travel eight miles in four minutes at a speed of 120 mph.

Professor Tamas Vicsek and his team documented videos of sports fans doing the wave and analyzed the data, concluding that while reaction times can vary, some human waves can reach a full circle at about 12 meters per second equaling 21 mph. Although impressive, it can’t beat the 120 mph speed of the hippo’s “wave.”

Another remarkable species that can do the wave: giant honeybees of Southern Asia, whose wave is more of a quick “mooning” or flashing of their abdomens to ward off predators, who knew?


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