The Adults’ Night Out series, “Art360,” continues in January with artist Chelsea Davis. See our interview with her below.

Q: How would you describe your art?
A: I always have a difficult time explaining the pieces I’ve done because I rarely go into them with a plan, and if I do have a plan, it usually goes out the window pretty quickly. The best way I can describe my artwork, would be to say that it’s purely emotional and visual. I’ll start out with a few colors and shapes that I find visually appealing, then let my subconscious take over. It’s almost like being in a dream state, where you’re not really thinking, just doing. I find that the pieces I enjoy the most were the ones that I didn’t push myself too much to make a certain way. A lot of what I do will come from a place of visual and emotional stimulation without a lot of conscious effort to get a certain point across. It can be intimidating to read what other artists say about their work because they usually have something tangible to tie their pieces to, whether it’s a story or an emotion about life events that they’re trying to evoke. I don’t usually have a story about my pieces; they come from a place where words stop being an adequate way to describe what I’m trying to get out.

Q: Where does your greatest inspiration come from?
A: In my life I’ve had so many influences that helped push me to make new artwork and try different things, and it’s difficult to pinpoint any one thing that sticks out as being a big inspiration. I’m a very visual person. Say something to me and it turns into a movie in my mind.  Certain images or colors or textures will pop out at me and a flood of ideas will come. Music definitely plays a part in the creative process for me as well.

Q: Do you think that science influences your work at all? If so, how?
A: I’m a big fan of the scientific process, and pride myself of being a truth seeker. Science is such an important part of our lives, it gives us access to knowledge that inspires as well as educates. I think it would be hard to find a creative person in this world who wasn’t inspired by science in some way.

Q: Do you think that science will continue to influence your work in the future and in what ways?
A: Just as science is ever evolving as it discovers new questions and new truths, I also continue to grow, absorb, and process things around me in search of truth. That’s what life is about right? Reading about new discoveries or new facts about old discoveries is always inspiring. We live in such an amazing world!

Q: How do you think that having your art displayed on such a large surface like the Dorrance Planetarium dome will influence your work and the viewer’s perception of your work?
A: I’ve been told that my artwork has a lot of movement and layers, so seeing these pieces blown up and animated will most definitely amplify that aspect. I never know what to expect when people look at something I’ve created, but I hope they enjoy it.

Visit Arizona Science Center, January 3 to meet Chelsea Davis and explore her work in a unique and immersive experience as it comes to life on the dome of the Dorrance Planetarium!

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