The Art360 series, part of Adults’ Night Out, continues on March 7 with photographer Spencer Elizabeth Karczewski. See our interview with her below.

Q: How would you describe your work?
A: I am all about color and composition! When it comes to my artwork, I tend to focus more on the composition as a whole rather than the smaller details of my images. I love figuring out how the shapes and colors will lead the viewers’ eyes through the photograph. I also try to keep my images fairly true to life. I feel that nature has so many beautiful aspects about it that it doesn’t need to be greatly enhanced to make a gorgeous image.

Q: Where does your greatest inspiration come from?
A: My greatest inspiration for my fine art photography comes from nature and architecture. Both are very different, but full of beautiful compositions, patterns, and textures waiting to be framed!

Q: What is your favorite piece and why?
A: I think my favorite photograph in the Sedona Colors Series would have to be the one of the Blue Scrub Jay. I remember taking the photograph, and taking a shot in the dark at focusing my lens on the bird through all of the branches before it flew away. Somehow, I was able to capture a great shot of the beautiful bird, as well as what it was snacking on!

Q: Do you think that science influences your work at all? If so, how?
A: I think that science is in everything we do. As far as photography goes, I am fascinated by the way images can be captured by both film and digital cameras, and how light interacts with the camera and lens to freeze a moment in time. As I continue to learn more about the way my camera interacts with light, I also continue to be inspired in new ways when creating my art.

Q: Do you think science will continue to influence your work in the future and in what ways?
A: I definitely think science will always influence my work, especially as I continue to learn more about photography, and as new technological advances come out regarding equipment.

Q: How do you think that having your art displayed on such a large surface like the planetarium dome will influence your work and the viewer’s perception of your work?
A: I’m so excited and honored to have the opportunity to show my work on the planetarium dome! I hope that it will give the viewers a sense of how vast and gorgeous the Sedona landscape is, and how vibrant the colors can be.

Visit Arizona Science Center, March 7 to meet Spencer Karczewski and explore her work in a unique and immersive experience as it comes to life on the dome of the Dorrance Planetarium!

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