Last Thursday, June 6, Arizona Science Center celebrated National Yo-Yo Day with an afternoon of hands on yo-yo activities and demonstrations from the group All Yo-Yo.

Below are some yo-yo facts and pictures from our fun event!

  1. The yo-yo is the second oldest toy that we know about dating back to 450 B.C.
  2. Using a metal yo-yo versus a plastic yo-yo can increase the spinning time of a sleeping yo-yo up to 10 minutes
  3. The yo-yo was taken into space for the first time onboard a U.S. space shuttle in 1985
  4. 13-year-old Harvey Lowe was the winner of the first ever World Yo-Yo Competition in London in 1932
  5. The yo-yo is thought to have been invented in either China or Greece based on archeological evidence

photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 5

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