One of the most important tools to meteorologists and storm chasers is an advanced weather radar program called GR2Analyst. GR2Analyst is a powerful computer program that allows meteorologists and storm chasers to understand the structure within severe thunderstorms and see potential tornado genesis (rotation) within supercell storms. This advanced program also features current radar data of a storm and displays the storm in state-of-the-art volumetric 3D. This allows meteorologists to see the internal storm structure, hail cores (where hail is forming inside the storm) and, most importantly, tornados. The program is currently used in the Forces of Nature gallery here at Arizona Science Center to show guests the structure of storms across the US where severe weather and/or tornado weather is occurring. This program allows the invisible interior of the storm to be seen by using many visual radar tools, so crucial decisions can be made if a storm is getting worse or tornado genesis is occurring. For storm chasers, this program’s portability is essential because it can show many different aspects of a storm while on the road, and it allows them to notify National Weather Service of severe weather immediately.

Guests can see how this program is used by professional storm chasers in the IMAX film “Tornado Alley 3D,” which is now showing at Arizona Science Center! Click here for times. 

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