Oh, the dreaded termite. It’s likely you’ve had experience with these pesky little bugs, or know someone who has. They can wreak havoc in the home, especially in homes with hardwood floors. But did you know that termites have been found to ingest various metals from surrounding environments in order to harden their exoskeleton? And interestingly, one of those metals termites have been found to ingest, and eventually excrete into their nests, is gold. You heard right! Termites have been found to scavenge subterranean materials deep in the ground that are typically difficult for humans to reach, and redistribute that gold to the surface and into their nests.

This discovery has sparked conversations in the mining community, focusing on the potential for termites to be used in mining exploration. With the use of termites, the need for drilling into the ground would diminish, saving money and other resources. So next time you see termite nests in your home, consider the possibility that it may contain small traces of gold, and you could very well be living on top of a gold mine!

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