It may sound cliché, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does breakfast provide your body with the necessary nutrients to give you energy for the day, it also is important for maintaining a healthy body weight. Skipping breakfast can actually lead to the consumption of extra calories throughout the day.

Tips for a healthy breakfast:

  • Try to choose a food from the bread and grains, milk and fruit, or vegetable food groups
  • Plan ahead of time: Decide on what you will want for breakfast the night before and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal to allow time to prepare and eat the breakfast you planned
  • Accompany your morning coffee with a glass of milk or orange juice

Kid-friendly breakfast ideas:

  • Banana Dog: spread natural peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla and sprinkle with raisins, add a banana and roll
  • Fruit and Cream Cheese Sandwich: spread cream cheese on a low fat English muffin and add their favorite fruit
  • Banana Crisp: peel a banana, smother in natural peanut butter and roll in Rice Krispy cereal

What are your favorite breakfast recipes?

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