Everybody misses Pluto the “Planet!” Chances are if you were born before 2006, you remember Pluto being the ninth planet! Pluto was discovered in 1930 at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona by ClydeWilliam Tombaugh. At the time, it looked and acted like the other planets, so it must be one, right?

Over the next 75 years, our technology improved and in 2005, astronomers discovered a potential tenth planet, temporarily naming after the TV character, Xena, the Warrior Princess. In 2006, they officially renamed the new “planet” Eris, afterthe Greek Goddess of Discord and Strife. Eris is similar to Pluto in size and composition and scientists suddenly felt that Pluto may not be alone out there… are there possibly many little planets in our solar system? Where do we draw the line between planet and a different planetary object, like a comet or asteroid? In 2006,the IAU (International Astronomical Union) came to a vote and decided that Pluto and Eris would be the first of a new classification: Dwarf

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