Turn up the heat. Learn how poop can turn into power. Pedal to create energy. Explore renewable energy from around the world. All in Solarville.

Step off the elevator and board the Solar Light Rail Station to begin your journey. Once in Solarville, you will stroll through scientific labs that study the sun and how to harness and distribute sustainable green energy - from algae, alternative fuels, and poop.

Lend a hand in developing wind engine turbines and inventing new garbage waste systems. Also learn about cutting-edge technologies being implemented to address sustainable energy in businesses and cities around the world.

Explore ways in which you can utilize solar and renewable energy in your everyday life, from home appliances to harnessing the power of the changing seasons.

What to do:
  • Weigh Your Energy Options!
  • Poop to Power
  • Meet the Scientist
  • Compact the Carbon
  • Find the Hot Spot
  • Renewable Energy Around the World
  • Pedal Power
  • Much more

Want to HEAR more about solar energy?

Through our wonderful partnership with the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network we’ve created a nano-themed podcast ready for your enjoyment!