Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Arizona Science Center’s STEM Programs

STEM is a state-wide revolutionary program that integrates the teaching of Science and Mathematics by incorporating Technology and Engineering. For years, these subjects have been taught separately and most of the time independent from each other. By adopting the STEM philosophy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all play an integral part of teaching the whole.

The hands-on curriculum focuses on transforming the typical teacher-centered classroom by utilizing inquiry-based learning. This approach Independent innovation drives the energy behind the STEM program and allows students to explore all subjects to greater depths by utilizing the skills learned.

Thank you for bringing camp to our school. My daughter has had her eyes opened to new career paths. She told me every night after camp… “Mom…I want to be an engineer…” next night…a forensic scientist, a surgeon. It was so encouraging that we went to the library to look up those jobs to see what kind of school they take. Thank you for opening her eyes to see what a girl can do! -Quote from STEM Summer Camp Parent

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    STEM in your Community

    Get ready for an experience to remember! Available to statewide kids in grade 4-8, during school breaks and weekends, STEM camps and clubs offer sensational experiences that make learning fun!

    With all camps being held at parks and recreation facilities, it is convenient for Jr. Scientists from around your neighborhood to join in the adventure. Arizona Science Center provides all materials and a fantastic STEM instructor to facilitate the fun and learning.

    Locate upcoming programs in your area:

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    STEM Saturdays

    Looking for something to do on a Saturday morning? Investigate with STEM Club at local parks, recreation centers or at your site! STEM Saturdays are conducted by a trained instructor. We bring buckets of materials for hours of projects and experiments to captivate children. As each Jr. Scientist grabs their lab coat on the way in, the STEM adventure begins.

    Now holding STEM Saturdays at your site!
    View a list of offsite STEM Saturday offerings HERE!

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    After School STEM Club

    Jump in and see how exciting STEM can be! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Jr. Scientists meet once a week for nine weeks as a club at their own school. Each club is a new adventure for the Jr. Scientist, allowing them to discover and engage in their learning. They dissect, explore, build and explode. Arizona Science Center creates a fun-filled environment for high-level learning.



    Available Beginning September 2015

    Junior Scientists will be introduced to science and technology, explore engineering in fun new ways, and use recycled materials to engineer their own toy cars. At the end of the program, participants will then compete in the Recycled Racecar Rally!


    Available Beginning October 2015

    During Arizona Science Center's fall 2015 STEM Club, your students will learn about the science behind conservation and sustainability practices in your community! As Junior Scientists, they will work in teams and utilize inquiry to engineer solutions to the challenges facing our environment and society. Topics covered include: Sustainability, Engineering, Biodiversity, Energy, Botany, Ecology, Community Engagement, Climate, and much more. (Includes To Go Kits for each week)


    Available Beginning January 2016

    Every year, severe weather can cause damage and flooding that cut people off from important supplies. Students will engineer “air drop packages” that can be dropped from an aircraft, protect what’s inside, and are easy to find once they reach the ground.


    Available Beginning March 2016

    Junior Scientists will be introduced to science and technology, explore physics in fun new ways, and investigate animal adaptations. Participants will also create structures that introduce them to architectural and engineering principles. Each day brings a new adventure featuring fun, hands-on activities! (Includes To Go Kits for each week)

    To register or for more information, please contact us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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    Do It Yourself Kits

    Curriculum is based upon current best practices in science education incorporating proven interventions such as guided inquiry, modeling, and conceptual change theory. All curricula include lessons and activities which are aligned with Arizona State Standards and Common Core ELA standards and can easily be linked to classroom curriculum.
    Designed for grades 4 – 8

    View our full list Curriculum Kits HERE!

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    To-Go Kits/Take Homes

    To–Go activities are designed to reinforce STEM education and encourage students to continue their learning experience outside the classroom and involve the entire family. Activities pertain to architecture, math and engineering.

    Contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for the current kit information.

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    STEM Teacher Workshop

    Whether you already have a STEM club at your school, or you are planning to start a new one, let us support you with inspiring, engaging, and exciting activities, and lots of advice that will help make your club a success!

    NOV. 13–14, 2015
    Whether you already have a STEM club at your school, or you are planning to start a new one, let us support you with inspiring, engaging and exciting activities, and lots of advice that will help make your club a success! We train you! This Professional Development course (totaling 12 hours) will provide you with insight into inquiry based science, practical advice on setting up and running your club, ideas for themes and activities, and you will be able to share experiences with other STEM club leaders.

    To register, contact us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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    Want to help?

    STEM projects and experiments use many materials that you have in your own home! You can help by collecting the following materials and dropping them by Arizona Science Center. Recycling with a Bonus!

    Needed Supplies:

    • Cardboard Tubes (paper towel tubes, toilet tissue tubes)
    • Recyclable Materials
    • Wire Coat Hangers
    • Rocks
    • Soil Samples
    • Wine Corks
    • Plastic Jugs (gallon)
    • Milk carton ( ½ gallon)
    • 2 Liter Soda Bottles
    • Mesquite Pods
    • Socks
    • Foam Popcorn